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Purchasing a home is kind of a big deal. Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for guidance and expertise
to make the process feel less daunting, or a seasoned investor who's bought and sold property many times over,
having the right real estate agent by your side makes a world of difference in the final outcome.

What makes a great Buyer's Agent?

Every buyer deserves to be represented by an experienced agent to assist and guide them through the home buying process. With an understanding of the current market, plus local knowledge and experience, I'll have your back every step of the way!

7 Reasons Why You Need A Buyer's Agent


What exactly does a Buyer's agent do?

*hint:  it's so much more than just "showing houses"! 

11 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home

Choosing the right real estate property,

Is a 20% downpayment necessary for everyone?

The short answer is, no. There are plenty of good incentives to put down 20% (not having to pay PMI, possibly securing a lower interest rate, etc.) but frankly, not everyone is able to. In fact, the average first-time home buyer puts down around 6%. There are a variety of mortgage options available to make home buying an option for most people.  

How much do you really need to put down?

Investors are calculating on calculator

The closing process, demystified:

Escrow, appraisals, contingencies and clauses... here's a concise overview of the closing process, explaining the steps and jargon that need not overwhelm those new to the world of real estate:

Closing on a House;What to Expect

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