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When it comes to listing your property, you need a motivated agent to help you competitively price your property and create a strong marketing strategy. From pre-listing home-prep and staging advice, professional photos and virtual tours, to screening qualified buyers and negotiating closing details, I'm here to guide you, every step of the way!

Do I really need a Seller's Agent? 

(Yes, you do.).   ;- )

You're smart, tech-savvy and have bought and maybe even sold properties before. So why should you hire an agent who's commission will eat up a portion of your selling price? It's a fair enough question. Statistics show that you're likely to walk away from a sale with more money (and arguably less stress), when you hire a professional agent to wear the many hats required to market your property and shepherd an offer from acceptance to closing.

Here's a brief overview of the many reasons why:

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent

Making Notes

What should I know about the home selling process?

This is a great overview. I encourage paying particular attention to steps 5 & 6, as they outline what's involved in preparing your home to be put on the market looking it's best:


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How do I prepare for showings?

Pink Sofa

What should I look for in a Listing Agent?

Much like people, no two properties are exactly alike. You need an agent with the skills to market your unique property to the right audience and someone who is in the know about ever-changing local market trends. (Me!)

Qualities of a Top Listing Agent

Selling: News
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